Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Snacks on the Go

OK, I've always been into writing about snacks and what I'm into at the moment. Here are some tips for easy on-the-go snacks!

I have been commuting to school a few times a week now and one of my classes is right at noon! That's lunch time!! So, I always try to pack some yummy, healthy snacks that are easy to prepare. 

The only prep I needed to do was slice up the nectarine! Everything else was all set and ready to go! This can be done the night be fore school or work or give yourself and extra 2 or 3 minutes and do it beforehand. 

I love fruit so I am pretty much cool with any kind! The grapes and nectarines are in season right now :) I brought along the Greek yogurt because it has protein, which will help to keep me fuller, longer!

This simple, on-the-go snacking can be done with many other types of fruits and veggies. When you take the short couple of minutes to bring along some healthy snacks wherever you go, you are less likely to fill up on junk items from a vending machine or a fast service food shop. 

A little effort can go a long way! And it may actually save you some bucks! 

You owe it to yourself to take a short amount of time to make healthy decisions easier! No more flaming hot cheetos! 

Whats your favorite on-the-go snack?

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