Friday, December 21, 2012

Rubys are red, Grape fruits are good!

Its no secret I'm a fan of citrus fruits! Around this time of year they tend to be the freshest type of fruit available and are usually quite affordable.

Lately I've been eating a ruby red grapefruit for a mid-morning snack.

I just slice down the middle, and then carve out the pulpy goodness!

Ruby reds are tangy, but also sweet so they can curb lots of cravings!

After, I squeeze out all of the juice to drink :)

Grapefruits provide lots of dietary fiber and Vitamin C! 

Vitamin C is great for our immune system, especially in these winter months when colds are going around!

Slice one up today!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Shopping Snack

We've all been there. You have been Christmas shopping ALL DAY and when you finally have a chance to sit down and eat your only option is usually the food court. No good, but because you have been running around all day you will almost settle for anything.

So, I recommend bringing a small something in your purse or pocket that will help you get through the day and not compromise your diet! Lately I have been bringing ProBar Protein bars from Whole Foods with me everywhere! At school, work, the gym, or just running errands! You never know when your appetite might get the best of you, so be prepared!

I really like this peanut butter one!

Usually, I just eat about half of the bar and save the rest for later or the next day! Since these are protein packed they tend to be a little up there on calories, but half should do you right!

My other favorite flavor is Koka Moka!
This one does have some chocolate in it, but it is perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth in the middle of the day along with keeping you full!

Hard boiled eggs  or a pack of nuts are also great for your crazy shopping days!

Just think ahead and bring an easy snack so that you don't have to resort to fast, food court junk!

Happy shopping!


Friday, December 7, 2012

Healthy Stocking Stuffer :)

Typically, we like to fill up our stockings with Santa shaped chocolate, candy canes and lots of other little treats, but here is an idea to add a little healthy kick! 

Our little family's stockings hung on the mantle with care :)

I am not saying that chocolates and sweet treats are bad, or shouldn't be given out, NO WAY, this is such a wonderful time of year and indulging (a little) is a must! This is just an idea to fill up some stocking space and balance out all the treats! 

These little Cuties are the best! 

You can purchase them in bulk for pretty cheap and almost anywhere! This is a good season for them as well because not too many fruits are fresh, available, or affordable!

I like to put a handful of these at the bottom of the stockings to fill them up and add in a healthy twist with all the candy going around! 

Not only are they good for stockings, they are great for a quick on-the-go snack! They have a nice protective peel so you can throw them in a purse or gym bag and not have to worry about them going bad.

What is also great about these little Cuties, is that you can have 2 for under 100 calories! They also contain more than 3 grams of dietary fiber per serving, what more could you ask for from a convenient, yummy little snack! 

What are your favorite stocking stuffer ideas?


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Tip: Pot Luck

The Pot Luck- a very common party theme around the Holidays. 

Here's a tip on how to make sure there SOMETHING healthy at this mix-matched menu. 

When in doubt, bring a nice, big SALAD! 

Salads are super easy and pretty fun to make! You can add your own twist on this common dish and really make it a hit! Not to mention, they can be as pretty to look at as a work of art! 

Also, make your own dressing! This will add a nice personal touch to your contribution and might start a nice conversation too :) Check out my previous blog entry for a favorite healthy home-made dressing: Fave Healthy Dressing!

Bringing a beautiful salad will insure that among the lasagna, bacon wrapped scallops, baked brie, and other decadent, yet calorie rich (and amazing) pot luck regulars you will have a nice low calorie-nutrient rich option. I would recommend eating some salad first before anything else. This way you start to fill up on the healthy items and will have less room later for the high calorie options. 

Other healthy ideas would be a veggie tray (home made adds a nicer touch), or some sort of lettuce wraps even.

For a veggie tray, slicing your own veggies and arranging them on a nice platter from home makes it much more personal and special. This way-you can even pick your own veggies! Lets face it, not everyone loves raw celery and broccoli! 

Another healthy tip: skip the ranch! A home made (or store bought) hummus works just as well without all the cream! Hummus is not only a great alternative for guests who may be lactose intolerant or vegan, but the chic-pea base provides much more filling protein so you won't be as likely to go for that 3rd, 4th or 5th bacon wrapped yummyness!

What is your favorite healthy pot-luck dish?