Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sweat it Sunday: Anywhere Workout!

So, once again I was at school and had minimal time between lab and lecture, so I decided to do this workout! It only took me 20 minutes!

I used the 4 story parking lot structure stairs: 

So, by 4 stories, I mean 8 of these! 

My circuit in between stair runs was very similar to last week's. 

I used this bench by the building next to the parking garage:

The circuit was:

-20 push-ups (on the bench)
-20 triceps dips (on the bench) 
- 20 front step ups w/ knee drive:

-20 calf raises:

And then I hit the stairs again! 

I did a total of 5 rounds within 20 minutes! And I was drenched!

That means 100 of each exercise! 

Here is proof you can get a good sweat session on within 20 minutes and feel good about it! 

 Remember to hydrate after!!!

Here's the circuit overview:
-4 story stair run
-20 push ups
-20 triceps dips
-20 step up w/ knee drive (10 each leg)
-20 calf raises
-Repeat 5 times! (Or as much as comfortable) 

Tell me if this gets your blood pumping and sweat dripping!?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Meal Prep Monday!

I had a busy weekend with work and the gym, so I used some time today to grocery shop and prep a few things for our week.

I made another batch of Turkey Chili and Edamame Salad:

The chili is still simmering, but I packed up the edamame in a few different containers to have them ready:

The smaller one I plan to take to school tomorrow as a break time snack :) The rest I'll eat throughout the week! 

Other items for my weekly snacking were Babybel Light cheese by Laughing cow:

I love these, mostly because I LOVE cheese! But, these are awesome because they are individually wrapped in wax, which is perfect for on the go snacking!

What have you be prepping lately?!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fit Friday: On Campus (Or Anywhere!) Workout!

So, I have been getting back into the swing of things with a new school schedule (at two different campuses!) and trying to fit in my work, internship, and of course fitness!

Yesterday I had a morning chemistry lab, followed by a lecture. I had about an hour long break in between and decided to fit my sweat session in right then and there! 

I decided to do up hill sprints with a mini circuit in between!

Here it goes: 

I would sprint up this hill (I designated two specific signs to mark my start and end points).

Near the top of the hill was a spot on the parking garage that worked perfectly for my mini circuit:

Here's my circuit:

-20 ledge push ups: keeping elbows in close to sides, bringing chest as close to the ledge as possible.

-20 ledge triceps dips: I kept legs bent to get good range of motion on my dips.

-15 side step ups with a knee drive on each side:

Start with one leg on ledge and step up:

Next, drive your knee up towards your chest!

Last piece of the circuit is:

-20 calf raises: 

I used the ledge for stability (I was pretty tired by this step in the circuit) and preformed 20 calf raises.

After the circuit I would run back down the hill to my "starting mark" and repeated 5 times! 

It was super hot out already and this one had me sweatin':

Let me tell you, today my triceps, calves, and glutes are screaming! 

I want to point out that I used NO equipment and still got a killer workout with tons of sweat! And when your schedule gets packed like mine, use your resources and do what you can, when you can, wherever you can! 

Here's the circuit overview:
- Hill sprint
-20 ledge push-ups
-20 ledge triceps dips
-15 side step ups w/ knee drive (each leg)
-20 calf raises
-REPEAT! (I did 5 times, but if 3 or 4 is all you have time for/are comfortable doing, just go for it!)

A little bit goes a long way! So get outside, get some Vitamin D and get your sweat on! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More New Twists on Old Faves!

Once I find a recipe/meal that I really like I tend to make it a lot! Especially if it is simple and fiancĂ© approved! 

The more I make them, the more I tend to tweak and modify ingredients just to play around.

This week I modified my super yummy turkey chili:

Today, I added great beans to the mix! I have always been a fan of green beans and couldn't believe I hadn't added them to this dish yet! 

Look at all those yummy veggie colors! 

The chili came out great too:

The other dish I changed up was my zucchini "pasta" that I made on Tuesday:

This week, instead of ground turkey I used Italian style chicken meat balls from Trader Joe's, and a spicy tomato pesto sauce (it was all I had in the pantry!) and it came out great! 

I love getting lots of veggies in whatever meals possible and as many as possible!

The other great thing about these dishes is that they can be made in large amounts and eaten throughout the week! Any of these types of meals I try to cook extra of so that the next few days are a breeze :) The turkey chili can even be frozen to last longer!

How do you get your veggies in?!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Simple Salad Idea

Ok, this may sound silly, but I recently found myself craving Lima beans! Yes, that's correct those little soft green things that your parents used to force you to eat on a weekly basis! 

On that note, I was never a fan of Lima beans growing up, but for some reason I am now totally into them! Maybe it's just a phase!? 

Anyway, here's a simple, refreshing salad for the rest of our summer days and nights!

Only three main ingredients:

- 1 cup Lima Beans
- 2 vine ripe tomatoes
-1/2 avocado

In a pinch I just used canned Lima beans, chopped up two tomatoes and sliced up some avo and mixed it all together:

While mixing, I squeezed in a slice of lemon and added sea salt and cracked black pepper to taste! 

These quantities were just for a single serving, but this is also a great dish to make in bulk for a party or for throughout the week! 

Lima beans have tons of fiber and contain Vitamin C! 

Does anyone else out there like Lima Beans!?