Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sweat it Sunday: Anywhere Workout!

So, once again I was at school and had minimal time between lab and lecture, so I decided to do this workout! It only took me 20 minutes!

I used the 4 story parking lot structure stairs: 

So, by 4 stories, I mean 8 of these! 

My circuit in between stair runs was very similar to last week's. 

I used this bench by the building next to the parking garage:

The circuit was:

-20 push-ups (on the bench)
-20 triceps dips (on the bench) 
- 20 front step ups w/ knee drive:

-20 calf raises:

And then I hit the stairs again! 

I did a total of 5 rounds within 20 minutes! And I was drenched!

That means 100 of each exercise! 

Here is proof you can get a good sweat session on within 20 minutes and feel good about it! 

 Remember to hydrate after!!!

Here's the circuit overview:
-4 story stair run
-20 push ups
-20 triceps dips
-20 step up w/ knee drive (10 each leg)
-20 calf raises
-Repeat 5 times! (Or as much as comfortable) 

Tell me if this gets your blood pumping and sweat dripping!?