Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More New Twists on Old Faves!

Once I find a recipe/meal that I really like I tend to make it a lot! Especially if it is simple and fiancé approved! 

The more I make them, the more I tend to tweak and modify ingredients just to play around.

This week I modified my super yummy turkey chili:

Today, I added great beans to the mix! I have always been a fan of green beans and couldn't believe I hadn't added them to this dish yet! 

Look at all those yummy veggie colors! 

The chili came out great too:

The other dish I changed up was my zucchini "pasta" that I made on Tuesday:

This week, instead of ground turkey I used Italian style chicken meat balls from Trader Joe's, and a spicy tomato pesto sauce (it was all I had in the pantry!) and it came out great! 

I love getting lots of veggies in whatever meals possible and as many as possible!

The other great thing about these dishes is that they can be made in large amounts and eaten throughout the week! Any of these types of meals I try to cook extra of so that the next few days are a breeze :) The turkey chili can even be frozen to last longer!

How do you get your veggies in?!

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