Monday, September 2, 2013

Simple Salad Idea

Ok, this may sound silly, but I recently found myself craving Lima beans! Yes, that's correct those little soft green things that your parents used to force you to eat on a weekly basis! 

On that note, I was never a fan of Lima beans growing up, but for some reason I am now totally into them! Maybe it's just a phase!? 

Anyway, here's a simple, refreshing salad for the rest of our summer days and nights!

Only three main ingredients:

- 1 cup Lima Beans
- 2 vine ripe tomatoes
-1/2 avocado

In a pinch I just used canned Lima beans, chopped up two tomatoes and sliced up some avo and mixed it all together:

While mixing, I squeezed in a slice of lemon and added sea salt and cracked black pepper to taste! 

These quantities were just for a single serving, but this is also a great dish to make in bulk for a party or for throughout the week! 

Lima beans have tons of fiber and contain Vitamin C! 

Does anyone else out there like Lima Beans!?

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