Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Easy Pork loin Dinner

Tonight's dinner was yummy and easy to make!

I bought a pre-marinated pork loin from Trader Joes: 

Trader Joes has some nice meat selections :) this peppercorn-garlic marinated one has no added sugars and minimal ingredients which is great! 

First, I browned the two sides of the pork in a stove top pan with a little bit of olive oil.

Next, placed it in a Pyrex pan and into the oven at 350:

While it was cooking, I sautéed up some broccolini and cauliflower:

I let the pork loin cook till about medium-well, sliced it up, and dinner is served!

Minimal work, with lots of yum! 

Also, the pork loin is huge and great for leftovers!

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