Friday, November 30, 2012

FIT FRIDAY: Home Workout

Nothing better than getting FIT on FRIDAY! 

Here is a quick little workout that you can do with very minimal equipment! 

All I used was a jump rope, a kettle bell, and two 10lb dumbbells:

Work out:
45 seconds on
10 second rest

-Jump rope 45 seconds
-10 second rest

- Kettle Bell swings 45 seconds
-10 second rest

- Bicep curls (w/ both dumbbells) 45 seconds
-10 second rest

-Alternating forward lunges with Kettle bell twist 45 seconds
-10 second rest

-Shoulder press (one side, switch next round) with dumbbell & knee drive to elbow 45 seconds
-10 second rest


This is a great way to get your blood pumping and your heart rate up! All in about 10 minutes! Its a heart healthy way to start (or break up) your day with a little sweat session.

If you don't own a jump rope, jumping jacks are a great substitution. No kettle bell? Substitute one of your dumbbells. And if you are a beginner, or have no weights at all try using a full water bottle or a can of soup as your resistance!

Try this the next time you are trying to sweat it out at home (or even at the gym) or want to jump start your day! You can always mix it up with different variations and/or repeat more times for a longer and more intense work out.


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