Thursday, May 31, 2012

Better than Burger

Burgers are a huge part of our American culture (McDonald's even has a song for one!). However, red meat is high in saturated fats, which makes them not the healthiest choice around. 

Don't fear, a great thing to try as a healthier alternative is turkey burgers! A cool thing about them is you can find them pre-pattied or make your own delicious combo with ground turkey! 

For convenience I bought pre-made patties for dinner last night. They were from Trader Joes and turned out to be super tasty! They are very easy to prepare as well. You can either throw them on the BBQ or cook them stove top with a little cooking oil (what I did last night). They don't take long to cook which is perfect for when you are in a hurry. 

When they were just about done (you want these to be cooked all the way through) I added cheese on top so it would start melting :) While the patties were cooking up I sliced up some tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, pickles, and jalepenos! I like to load 'em up! This is also a great way to add in veggies for the day. I added some ketchup and mustard on a whole grain bun, piled it all together and it was time to eat!

 Whats not to love!?

For a vegetarian/vegan option you can always use a meatless patty and omit the cheese or use a cheese substitute! 

Burger down!

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