Thursday, August 30, 2012

Post-workout Protein Idea

After a hard work out, you always want to make sure to replenish your body for recovery! I am usually pretty hungry after working out, so it is usually never a problem for me to get something in my belly! 

Today I went for a yummy tropical berry fruit smoothie from Whole Foods with an added dose of Whey Protein Powder! It was delish!

I love smoothies because they are great for those on-the-go days and are packed with healthy fruit! However, be aware of other ingredients that may be added. You may not want to always order the ones that use milk, yogurt, some juices, or other added sugar. All of these things add on extra calories and unwanted added sugar. (Beware of Jamba Juice!!)

The smoothie I had today had coconut agave which added some good texture, but also sweetened in a natural way. 

As I said, I added a scoop of whey protein powder too! This is a good choice for after a work out so your body can replenish its muscles :) Another bonus is that it is in a form that is very easily digestible to help you recover faster! Adding the protein will also help you stay fuller, longer! 

Find out what you like right after a work out and remember we always need to replenish and revive! 

Happy Recovering! 

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  1. The main reason why eating protein after your workouts is so incredibly important is because it is the main nutrient involved in repairing and building muscle tissue.

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