Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Suspension Training for All!

Here's a great little fit tip: buy yourself a suspension trainer! 

Suspension training is a great way to get a full body work out with minimal equipment while using your own body weight! 

Farley's just purchased a pair for my Fitness Circuit classes and I love using them! 

The brand we use is called LifeLineUSA Jungle Gym XT and they are great! 

Working out with these uses all muscle groups with just your body weight for resistance, so it is a great way to tone up muscles! 

There are many different brands at all different prices, but if you search amazon or ebay you can definitely find some for a good deal. They all come with DVDs and brochures on how to set them up, use them, and tons of different exercises! 

These suspension trainers are great for the gym, home, or traveling! All you need is a stable bar or a door frame to use them! Also, they take up hardly and space!

So, with items like these there is no excuse why you should be skipping workouts :P

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