Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Veggie Gyoza! Yum!

I just whipped this little meal up and it turned out to be great! 

I was really hungry and didn't feel like the big ordeal of dinner. So, to the freezer I went! I know, I know, FREEZER!? "EEEEWWW!" Don't worry, its not what you think, Trader Joe's has a great frozen food section with many healthy options which are fantastic when you are low on time, or just don't feel like cooking! 

Tonight, I pulled out their Thai Vegetable Gyoza. Super yummy, very healthy, vegetarian (and vegan!), and easy to make! What more could you ask for!?

These can be prepared three different ways: pan-fried, microwaved, or steamed. I chose to steam them because you do not have to add any extra oil to cook them, so no added calories! 

I got water boiling and topped the pot with a strainer/steamer and tossed the whole package in: 

It only takes about 10 minutes to get them steamed all the way through and you virtually do nothing else! It is helpful to rotate them around in the steamer so they cook evenly.

Just pull one out and cut it in half to make sure everything has cooked all the way, and you are done! 

While the Gyoza were steaming I did cook up some brocolini  to have as well. In a medium sauce pan, I heated up a tiny bit of Smart Balance cooking oil and some fresh chopped garlic and sauteed the brocolini until the Gyoza was ready (also very painless). 

Dinner is served!

Soy sauce is an obvious choice for the Gyoza, but I decided on Tapatio to give it a little more kick! 

This meal was packed with veggies, easy to make, and most of all tasty!

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