Sunday, June 24, 2012

Outstanding Orzo!

This is a great recipe that is super easy and can be enhanced any way you like! 

Only a few ingredients are necessary:

-Veggie broth or bullion (Chicken works too)
-Cooking oil 
-Any type of vegetables

This week I used brussle sprouts, green beans, and mini bell peppers. 

1) chop up desired veggies to be used.

2) start heating up a sauce pan with cooking oil, at the same time begin warming up vegetable broth (or chicken) in a separate pot.

3) add veggies (heartier ones first) to the warming skillet and let them begin to brown (in my case I added the sprouts first to give them more time to cook).

4) add the uncooked orzo to the pan with the veggies, by this time the broth should be warm enough to add into the pan with the orzo. 

5) once everything has been added make sure to keep mixing things around and cover the pan.

6) the orzo should only take about as long as pasta to be fully cooked so check it for done-ness.


My Outstanding Orzo :)

  This is a nice versatile dish that can be used as a whole meal, a side dish, or a great thing to bring to a party or BBQ! I made a ton of extra for leftovers!

If you want to enhance it a bit you can add in some chicken or prawns or cheese on top when serving!

So, get creative with it and eat well!

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