Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun Fit Hobby

Spring has sprung! And so have all the weeds in my yard! 

I have been working on de-weeding over the past couple of weeks and today I got to put down some much needed mulch! 

All this work has got me thinking about what a great hobby gardening is! Its fun, rewarding, relatively cheap, and gets you outside to enjoy beautiful mother nature! Being able to look at all of the progress I have made just in a couple weeks makes me proud and I feel good about my work.

On top of all this, I'm burning calories! Pull enough weeds and your arms and back will be pretty sore the next day! With general gardening you can burn over 200 calories an hour! Just think of what you could do in an afternoon!

I wanted to put this idea out there to illustrate how fun being active can be! Gardening is a great hobby to do solo, or with friends and family. So, I encourage you to try something new and get out there!

Happy planting!

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