Monday, January 14, 2013

Edamame Salad!

My great friend Jess passed this idea along to me, and I made it for the first time on Christmas! 

This edamame salad is a great new twist on a typical salad, and provides a great deal of protein!

I got all of my ingredients at Trader Joe's for this batch:
-2 bags of frozen, pre-peeled edamame
-1 bag of shredded carrots
-1 or 2 Bell peppers
-3 limes (for juice)
-1 bunch/package of cilantro
-1 red onion (optional/not pictured here)

All I used to dress it was Smart Balance Olive Oil blend, the juice from the limes, salt, and pepper to taste! 

This is super easy to prepare and you can play around with all kinds of ingredients and amounts.

The most prep you need is time to thaw out the edamame, while doing so I chopped and diced what was necessary.

You can serve it this way - or what I did was buy a head of butter lettuce to use for wraps! Add a little Tapatio and BAM! Super easy and super yummy!

This dish also keeps really well in the fridge so make a big batch and you have a healthy dish for all week!


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