Friday, January 11, 2013

Fit Friday: Multiple Muscle Groups: Lunge w/ Twist!

Here's a little fit-tip: multiple muscle group exercises are a great way to maximize your workouts and burn more calories! 

In this post I'll demonstrate how you can turn a regular forward lunge into a multiple muscle group exercise - all you need is some added resistance; dumb bells, a medicine ball, or kettle bell (shown here).

First step: while holding the kettle bell, perform a regular forward lunge. Aim for making 90 degree angles with both legs, and do not allow knee to pass over the front of your toes. 

Next: once in the full forward lunge position, twist your torso (and kettle bell) towards the lunging leg.

Lastly: alternate lunging and torso twists to complete even amounts on each side!

This is a great move to add to any workout! It works legs, glutes, core and arms!

The more muscle groups the better!

Happy Fit Friday!

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