Thursday, November 14, 2013

Today's Workout and Yummy Breakfast!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Today I started out with a yummy scramble: 

Ingredients: 2 eggs, sliced turkey, fresh spinach, sunkist tomatoes, and cheese!

I cooked up the turkey a little before scrambling everything together along with the spinach so it would wilt nicely :) Once the pan was heated I added the eggs, cheese and tomatoes. It takes about two minutes for everything to cook up, and there you have it!

I even made extra of this so that I could portion it out for the rest of the week! Talk about easy! 

I was a little crunched for time on a workout so I decided to do another stair/bench workout!

Here's the workout:
-20 push ups on bench

-20 calf raises

-20 step ups w/ knee drive (alternating):

Then hit the stairs!

Complete 5 times! No rest in between ;) 

I had a few extra minutes, so I did three more runs on the stairs for a burn out!

I was feeling good!

Here's the workout breakdown:
-20 bench push-ups
-20 calf raises
-20 step up w/ knee drive (alternating)
-stair run (4 levels/2 flights each)

Complete 5x with no rest! 

And of course, you can always add on more stairs for a burn out! 

You can pretty much do this workout anywhere! You don't even need a bench, you can use the stairs for resistance too!

Make sure to hydrate and re-fuel!

My after workout snack today:

An apple a day! Right now my favorites are Macintosh! The perfect fall fruit :)

What is your favorite kind of apple!? 

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