Thursday, June 27, 2013

Easy Post-workout Breakfast & Summer Salad!

It has been super hot in Santa Cruz lately! So when it comes to food, something cool and refreshing is where it's at! 

After this morning's kickboxing class I was hot and hungry! 

Here's a great cool combo that took no effort at all!

I previously hard boiled eggs for the week and had them stashed in the fridge (makes things so easy)!

The yogurt I had was Non-Fat Greek by Oikos.

I hadn't tried this brand yet, but it was on sale this week so I decided to try them out! The black cherry flavor was super yummy and perfect for a summer morning.

This breakfast provided me with good protein for recovery after my workout. 

Then on to lunch! Nothing says summer like a crisp, refreshing salad!

Today I used simple mixed greens with fresh cut tomatoes, topped with a tuna salad:

This totally hit the spot! 

For the tuna salad I used yellow mustard (good low cal alternative to mayo), diced pickles, diced red peppers (right from the pickle jar), and diced jalapeños!

I lightly dressed the mixed greens with some olive oil, but it didn't need a lot since the tuna would add great flavor.

The jalapeños were the perfect addition to the tuna and gave some nice spice!

What are your go to cool meals!?

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