Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl Fitness Game!

Join me in a little Fun Fitness game this Super Bowl Sunday!!

Whether you reach for that second handful of chips, third scoop of baked ziti, or countless number of sweets this will be a fun way to keep burning calories all evening long!

You can modify this Fitness Game to whatever you'd like...and I encourage you to incorporate commercials as well! 

Say every beer commercial gets 10 jump squats or every fast food commercial gets 10 triceps dips on the coffee table or counter!

You can totally get creative and get your fellow Super Bowlers in on it with you!

So, let yourself indulge a little and add some fitness into your Super Bowl party this year!

I'll be doing it with my guests! 

Post a snap shot of your fitness game to my Facebook page or my Instagram: @1_fit_foodie and I'll share some of mine!

Have fun with it :) look forward to seeing some good pics!

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