Friday, April 5, 2013

Fit Friday: Home Workout!

Here's a full-body workout that can be done at home or in the gym!

I will demonstrate 5 full body moves using minimal equipment! 

-1 set of dumbbells (I used 10lbs)
-1 kettle bell 

No kettle bell? Just use dumbbells!

Set a timer for 1 minute on with 10 second rest in between.

1) Kettle Bell Burpee:

Start in a plank position (add a push up for more intensity), hop feet up quickly and press kettle bell up over head. Repeat!

2) Alternating plank rows:

Start in plank position:

Alternate rowing up with both arms, driving elbows up towards the ceiling.  Keep torso straight and abs tight, do not dip the hips!
*Modify: plank from the knees

3) Alternating Lunge w/ Tricep Extension:

Lunge forward while holding kettle bell. Add a tricep extension while in the lunge position. Alternate!

4) Alternating Plank Forward Lunge:

 Again, starting in the plank position, lunge all the way forward aiming to bring your feet up to your hands. Keep alternating!

5) Alternating Side-Step with Twist:

Start in a standing position, quickly step foot out to the side and add a twist with the kettle bell. Bring feet back together and step out to the other side with a twist! Do this quickly to keep that heart rate up! 

Complete this circuit 2 to 3 times. Add a 2 minute jump rope warm up and end with stretching! 

This is a quick work out with little equipment! Who can't find time for that!?

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