Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fridge Clean Out & Odwalla Bar Review

As the week comes near to a close, I usually try to empty out the fridge and use as many veggies as possible so they don't go bad!

This week I used up some carrots, half a green bell pepper, and some sugar snap peas for a delsih single skillet meal:

I cooked them up with my favorite Parmesan and basil chicken meat balls, sprinkled a little Italian seasoning, and bam! Super quick, healthy lunch! 

This mix of veggies is nice and refreshing on a day like today, and I love sugar snap peas because they bring a little sweetness and crunch to the dish!

What a great way to get in those veggies too :)

This week I also tried a bar by odwalla:

These were on sale for a buck! So I bought a few to keep in my purse for those on-the-go hunger strikes! 

The Blueberry Swirl was only 200 calories, is made with real fruit and oats! It tasted just like yummy oatmeal with blueberries! They are relatively small, but it got the job done when I was in a pinch after my Monday morning Circuit Training class!

I will report back on other flavors :)

Have you tried any new bars recently?

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