Friday, May 31, 2013

Fit Friday: Simple Backyard Workout!

Happy Fit Friday all! Here's a simple full-body workout that can be done anywhere! 

In the spirit of summer I did it as a back yard workout! 

Only equipment necessary: lawn chair (optional)

This workout will be done in sets of 20, but first warm up with 100 Jumping Jacks:

Then go right into...

 Incline Push-ups:

Keep the hips, back, head and neck straight. Can also be done without the chair!

Tricep Dips:

For more intesity, keep your legs staright out in front (bend knees for modification).

Mountain Climbers:

Keep shoulders above the wrists and keep your back flat!

Full Sit-ups:

Alternating Lunges:

Be sure to keep knees behind the toes! To increase intensity, do jumping lunges for the last 5!

Body Weight Squats:

Pushing hips back and weight through the heels.

To intensify, add a jump squat to the last 5:

Lastly, end with 10 Burpees:

A push up can be added or omitted depending on what level of intensity you are going for with your burpee. 

Then, REST! Hydrate, and repeat 2 - 3 times!

These are all great body weight exercises that can be done anywhere and are guaranteed to get the blood pumping!

All you really need is about 20/30 minutes to get through this work out, and feel great all day!

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