Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hectic Finals Week Coming to a Close!

It has been quite a hectic week! A take home final and three finals at school (last one is today!) have kept me busy and on the move!

During finals my schedule gets flipped around and it is hard to stay in the normal workout routine and have healthy meals prepared.  I was unable to teach my circuit class yesterday, but I made time to fit in a quick arm workout and mini beach run with the pooch!

It was a great way to get out in the sun and take a break from all my studying! 

Even if it is just for a quick 20 minutes it is really important for me to get a sweat on, ESPECIALLY when I am feeling bogged down/stressed! And every little bit helps!

It is really important to keep up consistency, even if its just a little bit everyday until you get that full chunk of time for a bigger workout, longer run, or even a fitness class! 

Also during these times, staying on track with healthy foods is tough! Sunday was mother's day so I didn't have time to do my normal weekly food prep. So, yesterday I ended up making a quick stop at a local cafe to grab some healthy snacks:

I know it can be hard finding the healthier items when you are on the go or out to lunch, but just remember you always win with veggies!

Yesterday I grabbed a beet and endive salad along with a kale salad! I am not the biggest kale fan, but they used a yummy lemon dressing that added some great flavor along with some baked Parmesan shreds :) 

I am so glad this week is coming to a close! I'm ready to get my summer on!

What are your summer plans?

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