Saturday, May 25, 2013

Post Work Out Munch Go To's!

Lately I have been trying to be really on it when it comes to having something to eat after a workout!

Sometimes it is hard to plan ahead, but this is what I've been getting into lately:

A hard boiled egg with strawberries (or some other kind of fruit). These are easy to pack ahead of time and help to satisfy that post workout hunger! The eggs provide lots of essential nutrients along with protein to help your body rebuild muscle. The fruits also contain great nutrients along with simple carbs to help refuel!

My other go-to is a smoothie with protein powder! On days that I didn't prep anything I like to go to Whole Foods and order a fruit smoothie with added whey protein. The "tropical twister" is my favorite right now! It's packed with lots of fruit and coconut milk, then with the added protein powder it literally tastes like a milk shake! I love it! It's also perfect on these warmer mornings!

What is your favorite post workout meal!?

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