Saturday, May 11, 2013

Healthy Sweet Tooth Solution!

Here's a great little snack to satisfy any sweet tooth! 

As I have said before, the chobani non-fat Greek yogurt has become my new favorite yogurt staple. This week I found these little guys and decided to give them a try!

I am a HUGE fan of coffee, so I was excited to taste this coffe flavored with dark chocolate chips.

Super yummy! Great coffee flavor and actual dark chocolate chips! The best part? These are only 100 calories! Also, they provide you with protein and calcium, and did I say they were non-fat?!

These will be great for the warm spring and summer days when I need a sweet pick me up!

I also just thoght about putting a few in the freezer for a nice frozen treat! 

What's your healthy sweet tooth solution?

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