Monday, May 6, 2013

New Twists on Old Faves

I love trying new recipes and having good options to prep for my busy weeks. I have been totally digging the Turkey Chili. For minimal work, I can get multiple meals out of one batch, and it is great for left overs! 

However, this week I decided to mix it up a bit. I added cauliflower to boost up the veggie content! 

This batch is simmering on the stove as I type and it smells great! I'm excited to try it with this new addition :)

As you probably know, I have been on a protein pancake kick! My first attempt was made with bananas, then blueberries, and yesterday I tried strawberries:

All versions were delicious, but I have to go with blueberries as my favorite! I love this breakfast idea because it keeps me full for a good amount of time and I get to sneak in a serving a fruit!

They were such a yummy, re-fueling meal for right after my run on Sunday Runday!

Here's a pic from my morning run:

I love the Poppies! Especially overlooking the ocean! 

Did you get a weekend workout in!?

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