Saturday, March 24, 2012

Colorful Salads!

With spring in full swing and summer coming around the corner vegetable gardens are going to be flourishing! Take this opportunity to really rev up your salads and make them fun and exciting! 

I always start with some dark leafy mixed greens. 

Then I love adding the basics like; carrots and tomatoes. My favorite tomatoes right now are the yellow sunbursts, they really are like a burst of sunshine in your mouth! I could eat them by the handful!

Lately I have been adding beets to all of my salads! Many stores have pre-cooked and peeled beets which make it easy to add them to anything!

Also, for a little crunch a like to add some sunflower seeds! 

This is an easy, quick way to make a lovely, healthy, colorful lunch! It takes me about 5 minutes to make! 

An old teacher of mine once said "Eat a Rainbow Everyday!", meaning eat a variety of foods and the more colors the better! This is how you can maximize getting all of your vitamins and minerals while mixing it up and eating yummy foods!

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