Monday, March 26, 2012

No Need for Numbers

When people think about health, they often think about body weight and size. I am here to say stay away from the scale (I don't even own one)! 

Everybody and everyone's body is different!  We can not be expected to fit into categories of certain sizes and weights especially when they may be completely unrealistic. I hate for people to become obsessed with the number on the scale and really lose sight of the big picture. Focusing on a 'number' or a certain 'size' is bound to lead to unhealthy choices that can be detrimental to our bodies.  

We must worship our bodies!

To do so, we must maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Some things work differently for different people, so find your own groove and strive to stick with it. Yes, you are going to give in and have those potato chips or chocolate cake here and there, but do not allow it to define you. Get back on the horse and ride the healthy trail again!

Along with diet comes exercise! Again, different strokes for different folks; some like running, others biking, or maybe just walking! Whatever it is, do it for you! With exercise too, there will always be setbacks, like a full schedule or traveling too much, but you can always get back into your routine no matter what!

It is hard in today's society with many negative body image views and media influences, but you must rise above! Only you can do you, so why not do it the best way possible; healthy and balanced!


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