Saturday, March 17, 2012

Drink More Water

With all of this rain we have been getting, I have been thinking about water! California desperately needed these rain storms to keep our ecosystem viable, and the same goes for our bodies!

There are many benefits to drinking ample amounts of water throughout the day!

-Water helps aide in digestion! It prevents constipation and helps everything move along the way it should.

-Water helps you stay full, and in turn, eat less! So, if you are trying to lose weight, adding more water into your day may help reduce your calorie intake.

-Water hydrates your skin. No one wants wrinkles!

-Water and hydration is a key component of exercising! It is very important for your body to stay in balance during a strenuous situation like exercising. Also if you are well hydrated it will improve your work out and energy level.

Along with these benefits, water helps to relive headaches, can reduce the risk of some cancers, improve your productivity, focus, mood, and more!

Now if these are not enough reasons to start drinking more water, think about this; if you replaced one can of soda (about 250 calories) with a bottle of water each day, that's a total of 1,750 calories less per week! Along with less calories you would be consuming less sugar and sodium. 

Fruit juices should also be avoided because unfortunately, many of them are packed with the same amount of sugar as soda!

Thinking its too hard to make the switch? 

Sometimes you just want the satisfaction of thirst-quenching bubbles?

-Try a sparkling mineral water! Yes, some brands may have a bit of sodium added due to the carbonation, but not as much as soda also, they have no calories and are very satisfying!

-Many sparkling waters come in flavors now which help curb your craving for a sweet soda drink.
(La Croix is a brand that has zero sodium and tons of flavors!)
-You can even add your own fresh fruit at home; squeeze of lemon, lime, or orange or add some fresh raspberries, strawberries or even mint leaves! Yum!

Make the switch even if it is just once a day and you are sure to notice more energy and feel better!


  1. Great point! I eliminated fruit juice from my diet que to its high sugar content. :)

    1. Love it! Its hard to avoid it these days!