Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easy Healthy Pasta Night!

I have a great way to whip up a yummy, healthy and fulfilling dinner!

Start with some fresh veggies, tonight I used broccoli and green beans.

Coat a large sauce pan with PAM spray and toss in the broccoli and green beans. I like to add some fresh garlic and some seasonings:

I like to cover the veggies and let them cook up nicely.

At the same time you should have water boiling and be ready to put in the pasta. 

I choose multigrain or whole wheat pasta:

As the veggies start to turn a nice bright green I add the sauce. Choose any sauce you'd like, but stay away from creamy alfredo sauces because it adds in extra fat and calories. 

The sauce will be heating up nicely with the veggies while the pasta finishes cooking up!

Strain the pasta and dish out your (manageable) portions. Then top it off with the veggies and sauce, and voilĂ 

Dinner is served:

Yum! How easy was that!?

Try out different veggies and styles of pasta and sauces to see what you like the best!

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