Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Convenient Healthy Snack

I love finding ways to make being healthy easier!

Here is a great little snack idea that will fit into anyone's busy schedule:

Pre-Sliced Apples!

Apples are delicate and somewhat hard to travel with.  So, with these pre-packaged and sliced apples, there is no excuse not to have an apple a day! These packets are perfect to just throw into a purse or a backpack for complete convenience, and they taste great!

I found these by Earthbound Farm at Costco! I love that they are organic and come in perfect sized packages. I have seen other brands like Chiquita at Safeway and Trader Joe's has some too!


  1. they are great! i trid them on your suggestion. i like dipping them in peanutbutter :p is that bad?

    1. No not bad! A great way to help you stay full! Everything in moderation ;)