Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My First 5k!

As most of you know I participated in the She Is Beautiful PINKEST 5k on St. Patty's Day this past Sunday! I can not get over how much fun I had! This was the first time I was ever participating in an organized run so I was a little nervous at first, but it was so AWESOME!

It was an all women run, which I think was a lovely thing. Women being active together and feeling empowered is a wonderful thing!

I took a lot of pics! So, here's what my day looked liked:

Saturday night- got out of work around 10pm, got my outfit all laid out I didn't want to forget anything!

Woke up super early (for a Sunday!) to get there by about 7:15am. It was pretty chilly right by the water so a few of us were bundled trying to keep warm!

My friend Jess rocked the baby momma 5k with her little one Estella, such a charger!

There was such a huge group doing the 5k run that I barely knew it was time to start! Here's a shot of the starting line:

Gotta love the saying!

And we were off!! Here's a few of us getting into our first strides:

I love the combination of pink for the PINKEST run and the green for St. Patty's Day! My socks had shamrocks on the back :)

And here I am coming into the finish line!

I was pushing it there at the end! But so glad I did!

My mom greeted me at the end and took this shot of me:

It was awesome to be by my beloved ocean and have a great accomplishment under my belt all before 10am!

We all collected our T-shirts and goody bags before getting some great group shots afterward...

Great group of ladies from Farley's Kickboxing Academy:

Great friends Lisa and Rose:

Come train with us! @ FKA:

Lots of great pics from a great day! I am so glad that I participated and that so many of my other BEAUTIFUL friends did as well! I can't wait for next year!

Are you running in any races this year!? If so, which ones?

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