Saturday, March 2, 2013

Multiple Muscle Groups: Squat to Press!

I am all about working multiple muscle groups at the same time! Can you say bye bye calories!?

This post I will demonstrate a squat to overhead press:

Step 1: Start in an athletic stance, feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent, chest out, shoulders back and head up. This is the starting position for many resistance exercises. Here I used 10lb dumbbells (you can use any weight you are comfortable with or just practice with no weight at all!). Start with weights at about chest level. 

 Step 2: Descend down into a squat. Here you are pushing you hips and glutes back and making sure your knees do not exceed your toes!

Step 3: After completing the full squat, push up out of it through your heels.

Step 4: As you are coming up, push the dumbbells up into a full over head press. Make sure to keep your back nice and straight and maintain your athletic stance!

There is a full squat to over head press! This is a great exercise because it works legs, core, and arms! 

Add it to your routine and you are sure to feel the burn!

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