Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yesterday's Park Bench Workout!

Yesterday was a crazy day filled with commuting and midterms, so when was I going to work out!?

I killed two birds with one stone and took the dog to the park with me, to walk him and use that as my warm up! Then all I needed was about 20 more minutes to complete my Park Bench Work Out :)

I walked Reef around the track and then up a nice steep hill to get the blood pumpin':

 Once I was warmed up I grabbed two 10lb dumbbells from the car and picked a nice sunny bench to get my little sweat session on:

Here's what I did:
-20 right arm  plank rows (one arm supported by the bench)
-20 left arm plank rows
-20 front step ups w/ 2 dumbbells (alternating)
-20 over head tricep curls w/ 1 dumbbell
-20 bicep curls (both arms, both dumbbells)
-20 right leg side step ups w/ dumbbell press
-20 left leg side step ups w/ dumbbell press
-20 plank knee drives (fore arms on bench)

REST!                       Repeat 2-3 times!

Here's my step up with dumbbells:

This is a great way to break out of your normal routine and get outside! 

Like I said, it took me about 20 minutes and I got some serious sweat going! Who doesn't have 20 minutes!?

What's your favorite outdoor work out?

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