Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Suspension Training: 3 Upper Body Moves!

I know I have mentioned before that I am a huge fan of suspension training! You can get a great full-body workout by just using your own body weight as resistance! 

Here are 3 upper body moves that are sure to get you toned!

1. Bicep Curl:

Start by gripping both handles with palms facing toward you, arms fully extended:

Next, hinge at the elbows, drawing your whole body towards the straps. At this point your chin will be right by your pinkie fingers:

And that's a bicep curl using a suspension trainer!

(To modify/decrease intensity, walk your feet further away from the straps; this will give you less resistance!)

2. Full Body Row

This starting position is similar to that of the bicep curl, but here your palms will be facing in towards each other while gripping the handles, arms fully extended:

Then, row body in towards the straps so that your hands are at about chest level: 

 There's a full body row! 

(Again, modification can be done by walking feet out further from the straps for less resistance.)

3. One Arm Row

For this move you will only need to use one of the straps. Grip one of the handles and fully extend out wide with opposite arm all the way out: 

Feet are facing towards the straps. Then, using your one arm, row your body in towards the straps, bringing your opposite arm up as far along the strap as possible: 

For the one arm row, you will want to complete this using both arms! 

(Modification is the same here, walk out further for less resistance.)

*During all of these moves, you want to maintain good posture, keeping your back  straight, and making sure to not dip your hips in any direction. Try these moves out slowly at first to make sure your form stays in tact (it helps to have the mirrors!) and then start adding them to your routine :)

There you have it! 3 great upper body moves to try out with a suspension trainer! 

What are your favorite moves?

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