Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Fit Tip: Push-up to "T"!

Happy Fit Friday! 

Here's another exercise that is great for working multiple muscle groups: Push-up to T!

Step 1: Start in plank position with arms fully extended: 

Step 2: Hinge at the elbows (keeping them tight to your body) and descend into a full push up. To modify: push-up can be done from the knees.

Step 3: Push back up and release left hand from the ground, bringing your left arm into a full "T" extension, keeping your core tight, while twisting entire torso:
(Next time do this on the right side)

Ta-da! That's a push-up to T! This is a great exercise that works multiple muscle groups and can be added to any routine at home or in the gym! Added resistance (dumbbells) can be used for that extra burn if desired!

What work out will you add this to?

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