Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday Runday!

Super Bowl Sunday is always a fun day to enjoy lots of food and drinks with family and friends. Therefore, I got a good run in this morning (helloooo chicken wings!).

I ran down towards the beach from my house and ended up at The Hook, where I often stop for a good stretch and add in some stair intervals to mix things up!

Today was a little chilly and we've had quite the swell the last few days my feet actually got caught by a wave while I was stretching! (Shoes are in the dryer now!)

During my run today I was focusing on posture. This is something that many don't think about, but it is very important in our everyday lives, not just when exercising. 

Keeping good posture: head up, chest slightly out, shoulders back, and back straight is a great way to keep your core engaged and strengthen those abdominal muscles! This is something that you should keep in mind while running, walking, at the gym, even at work and while driving! 

Maintaining good posture also helps reduce your risk for injury and keeps your muscles strong! It is hard to get used to, but keeping yourself in check is the way to go :)

Now on to the fun stuff...Super Bowl Snacks!!!

It is hard not to indulge on days like today with dishes of dips, bowls of chips, and coolers of beer surrounding you and every turn! Have no fear! I have a few ideas on how you can feel like part of the crowd, but with a healthier edge! 

I found these Terra Chips yesterday when I was looking for an alternative to standard potato chips!
They are made from root veggies like sweet potato, taro, and parsnips, and provide a full serving of vegetables in every ounce! The ingredients list is short (excellent), only 150 calories for 14 chips, and they are sure to satisfy those potato chip cravings!

Oh, and they are kitty approved...

If you are not providing the snacks today, other healthier snack options are items like pretzels (low in fat), fresh popcorn, NOT smothered in butter and salt (provides lots of fiber), and of course any type of veggies that are provided :)

So! Enjoy today, indulge a little, give into a couple cravings, but try not to over do it! You will thank yourself later and won't have to be popping Tums the rest of the night!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! What are you plans for the day!?

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