Saturday, February 16, 2013

Work it Out with a Buddy!

Working out is fun! But working out with a buddy is even better!

Having a workout partner is a great way to get in your friend time, stay motivated, and work out harder! 

A study at the University of Oxford found that exercisers who rowed with a group of five people in a gym had a higher pain threshold, suggesting higher endorphin levels then those who rowed alone. 

The lead study author Emma Cohen, PhD stated that, "The social high created by working out with others may increase your ability to go harder and/or longer".

More endorphins? Increased ability? Harder workouts? SIGN ME UP!

Using a buddy system is a great tool when trying to achieve your fitness goals. By making a set time and place to meet up and sweat it out, makes you less likely to flake!

Yesterday my workout buddy was my Mamma!

We got super worked and had a great time doing it!

Whether its a walking buddy, running buddy, gym buddy, or just you and a friend busting out your own workouts at home (my buddy Rose and I do that!) keeping each other accountable and on track is a great way to stick with it!

Another great buddy idea: try a new class together! No one likes to try something new alone, so take a buddy and experience a new yoga studio or spin class!

What do you and your buddy do to work out?

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