Sunday, February 17, 2013

From Lazy to Sunday Runday!

I had been dragging my feet for the morning and wasn't feeling like doing much of anything, but finally decided to lace up my sneakers and get into some kind of run, and I am SO glad I did! 

I wasn't putting much pressure on myself to go fast or for a long amount of time, but after about the first mile I was feeling great! My endorphins were pumping and I suddenly had a new burst of energy! I even decided to keep going and add in the Capitola stairs, yikes!

The view at the top of the stairs pretty much makes up for the burn :)

I ran for about 3.5 miles, taking up less than an hour of my time! And I still burned 300 calories! 

So remember, we all have those days when we don't feel like getting in a work out, or think we are too tired or busy, but if you really think about how good you feel when its all over and how little time it really takes to get a nice sweat going, you know its well worth it in the end! 

I know I'm glad I went!

What will you do today!?

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