Saturday, February 9, 2013

Motivation :)

Don't let the weekend slow down your workout momentum!

Life is busy and hectic, but don't forget to do some thing for YOU!

Whether its the gym, a spin class, a walk/run, even a quick little home workout, take the time and get it done! It will leave you feeling great all day (maybe even all weekend)!

Easy body weight work out to sneak in:

-60 Jumping Jacks
-50 Air Squats
-40 Lunges (alternating)
-30 Crunches
-20 Push-ups
-10 Burpees

I use this one a lot for a warm up in class, but just go through it once. For a good, no-brainer workout; repeat at least 3 times!

A sweat session as simple as this will rev up your metabolism and get the endorphins going so you can feel great! Trust me: you NEVER regret a work out!

How many times did you do it!?

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