Thursday, February 14, 2013

Suspension Training: Single Leg Lunge

I love suspension trainers! I use them in almost ALL of my Circuit Training classes! 

They provide a full body workout and all it takes is your own body weight! 

There are many different kinds out there in the fitness world I have used the TRX  brand (probably the most popular) and now at the gym we have a Lifeline USA Jungle Gym XT. Both of these work great, and I am sure there are many other great ones out there too!

Demonstrated below is a Single Leg Lunge: 

Step 1: Facing away from the suspension trainer, use just one of the straps for one of your feet:

After securing one of your feet in the strap, you will have to hop your front foot forward a bit.

Step 2: Bend the knee of your front leg and push back into a lunge with your other leg:

Keep your head up, back straight, and your core tight, engaging multiple muscles! 

This is also a great exercise to improve balance and coordination!

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